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Published by The Financial Times on 25 September 1998

"Demystifying Derivatives: A Cure for Derivatiphobia"

Workshop on 20 June 1997

Organised by Asia Business Forum Korea Conferences as Day 3 of:

New Strategies for Using Financial & Commodity Derivatives in  Korea 

The Shilla Hotel, Seoul June 18-20, 1997

Course Director:

by Professor Warren Edwardes, Chief Executive of Delphi Risk Management, London and Visiting Professor of Korea Banking Institute

Language: English with simultaneous translation into Korean

The half-day participatory workshop will appeal to senior bank, broker and corporate executives upto board level.

The course will provide an independent, clear and step-by-step explanation of derivatives to be used by their subordinates and the opportunity to ask questions. Practitioners who have been confused by earlier courses would also benefit.

Participants will gain an understanding of fundamentals and a foundation to help them understand structures yet to be invented.

Head of Derivatives Development 

Head of capital markets 

Finance directors 

Corporate Treasurers 

Fund Portfolio managers 

Securities analysts 

Corporate Banking Officers 

Settlement managers 

Credit Managers

 About the course leader

Professor Warren Edwardes is Chief Executive of Delphi Risk Management the London-based consultancy. He is founding director of the London International School of Banking and Finance. Until recently he was Visiting Professor of Financial Derivatives, Engineering & Innovation at the Korea Banking Institute.
He has worked in derivatives since ‘78 and is the inventor of landmark products such as the Break Forward, Perpetual Swap and SCOUT. Prior to the setting up of Delphi in ‘91, he served on the board of Charterhouse Bank as Director, Capital Markets Division; prior to that he worked in the treasury trading rooms of Midland Bank, Barclays Bank and at AAA firm, British Gas.

Besides his market experience and expertise, he is an acclaimed communicator and is Past-President of the Seoul Branch of Toastmasters, the world-wide public speaking club. Professor Edwardes chaired ABF Korea’s first conference "The Internationalisation and Liberalization of Banking & Finance in Korea" He has spoken to Seoul Rotary Club on "Creative Thinking" and was interviewed on Derivatives by Arirang Television. Publications include "Derivatiphobia" in the "Handbook of Asian Treasury Markets".
His best-selling book  "Key financial instruments: Understanding and innovating in the world of Derivatives" is published by Financial Times Prentice Hall.
09:00 Introduction to Derivatives: Currency, Interest Rate, Equity, Inflation & Commodity Derivatives 
09:30  The Building Blocks of Derivatives: Cash, Fixing, Insurance 
10:00 Refreshment Break
10:10 Deposits, Forwards, FRAs, Futures, Forward/Forwards and Swaps
10:40 Currency Options, IRGs, Caps, Floors, Swaptions
11:10 Refreshment Break
11:20  Structured Derivative products: Break Forwards, Limit Swaps etc.
11:50 Derivatives Disasters: What went wrong and why 
12:20 Refreshment Break
12:30  Special requests  
13:00 End of Workshop