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Delphi Risk Management limited was created in 1991 to provide a financial product practitioner-based advisory and training service. The consultancy covers the full life-cycle of financial products: creativity, communication and control.

Delphi helps manage culture change from facilitating creative thought to aiding implementation. Services are available world-wide to central, commercial, development & savings banks, mortgage institutions, insurance companies, funds, corporations, auditors, regulators, liquidators, lawyers and tax authorities.

The name, Delphi, emphasises the firm’s broad and forward-looking risk management consultancy services.

Delphi’s founder and CEO, Warren Edwardes, has devised several ingenious and profitable financing, investment and hedging structures and is famous for the invention of the Break Forward in ‘85 and the transaction of one of the first currency swaps in ‘81. He has appeared on television, written widely and chaired several conferences on, amongst other issues, Islamic Banking, Tax-efficient structures and Korean Financial markets. A number of his landmark derivatives structures have been widely replicated and form part of the history of derivatives. Diversified experience is a necessary requirement for innovation. Warren Edwardes has worked since 1978 in Treasury and Capital Markets upto board level in major financial institutions and an AAA corporation and has 3 years of Actuarial experience. Delphi seeks to use its combination of academic knowledge and arbitrage desk gained understanding and expertise to demystify derivatives to manage risk and generate profits. Warren Edwardes is Visiting Professor of Financial Engineering, Derivatives and Innovation at the Korean Banking Institute.

An important Delphi strength is that it was set up specifically to provide a strategic and tactical advisory service free from all conflicts of interest. It is independent of the pressures of selling proprietary bank products or of maintaining an audit mandate. It is prepared to recommend the status quo, the use of exchange traded products, banks’ own proprietary products or a tailor-made structure proposed to the client by its relationship banks.