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Powerful Presentations and Successful Speeches

the fear of Public Speaking is only just ahead of the fear of being embarrassed at a Public Speaking course


Perfecting Public Presentations to Improve Global Communication

Laloscopophobia may not be a commonly admitted suffering. Neither is Ochlophobia. However, a number of surveys have shown these phobias at the top of lists of fears and phobias. Laloscopophobia is none other than stage fright or the fear of Public Speaking <Lalo = speaking; scopo = being seen> and Ochlophobia <Ochlos = crowds> is the fear of crowds. These fears, however, are only just ahead of a related fear - the fear of openly embarrassed in front of subordinates or colleagues at a being Public Speaking course!

And technical experts cannot escape the need to be good communicators. Kenny Dalglish has an established reputation and track record as a football manager. He had managed both Liverpool and Blackburn Rovers to the English Premier League Championship. That did not stop him being replaced by the smooth talking Ruud Gullitt. Freddie Shepherd, the Newcastle Football Club chairman highlighted Gullitt's "good communication". The Times' Simon Barnes on 29th August 1998 quoted a typically sounding, but perhaps apocryphal, Dalglish mumbled response to a question:

Reporter:"Alan scored a good goal, Kenny".

Kenny: "Thut's whut he'd pudd fur"

"My own guess is that <John>Meriwether <Head of Long Term Capital Management, the hedge fund that lost USD1.2Trillion in August 1998> would rather people think him a bit weird than know the real reason he avoids publicity, which is that he is deeply uncomfortable with the attention. He has a phobia about public speaking, for instance." Extract from "How the Eggheads Cracked", By Michael Lewis, <Author of Liar's Poker> New York Times January 24, 1999, Sunday Magazine Desk

Course Director, Warren Edwardes was once such a technician. He was a financial engineer - a banking boffin. He used to believe that expertise and performance was all that counted.

Setting up a consultancy in 1991, Warren Edwardes realised the importance of oral communication and presentation, attended the London Academy of Dramatic Arts and rapidly improved his communication skills. He is now a professional chairman and speaker at conferences and on television, is recognised by Toastmasters International, the world-wide public speaking organisation, as an Advanced Toastmaster and well on his way to Distinguished Toastmaster recognition. He is a Past President of a Toastmasters International Club.

The essence of the programme is continuing education and that practice makes perfect. Just as any sport cannot be learned in an intensive course, public speaking proficiency requires a gradual improvement and continuing training. The approach reflects the Course Director’s own negative experience of a pressure course. It is therefore, initially gentle but encouraging; building on existing or developed strengths with positive feedback and leading on to a full speech biopsy to remove persistent problems as participants become more experienced and self-confident.

Each workshop is 90 minutes in length. Powerful Presentations and Successful Speeches can be taken in a one-module one-workshop quickie course, or in three modules of four workshops each. The 12 workshops in modules 1 to 3 are designed to be spread out over 6 or 12 weeks to allow time for preparation and improvement. Module 4 provides continuing training through monthly workshops. Just as a football player needs regular training, a presenter needs to practice skills learnt. Video recordings will be made available for analysis after the course but videos will not be shown in public during the sessions.

Warren Edwardes, CEO of Delphi Communication, has not only first hand experience in delivering technical presentations, client-oriented marketing workshops and media briefings - but has also advised numerous clients in every continent on communication techniques. He is an experienced banking practitioner and marketer, management consultant and banking Professor and is regularly invited to chair and speak at financial conferences and appear on television in Africa, Asia, the Americas and Europe. In Korea, he gave a 3 minute interview on that most arcane of subjects- Derivatives.

But not so long ago Warren Edwardes was a very reluctant public speaker. He was a Laloscopophobe. As a director of financial engineering in the capital markets division of Charterhouse Bank he had to speak at the weekly board meetings. Warren Edwardes relates: "I used to be petrified when my turn came to relate the prospects for the week. Facing the bank's customers was an equally uncomfortable experience."

Unlike the trainers at many Public Speaking courses, Warren Edwardes has not been giving speeches for most of his career. As far as possible, he avoided them! In this series he shows how he made the conversion from speech avoider to professional speaker in less than a decade and uses his first-hand experience to help others do the same.

A decade ago, Edwardes attended an expensive, residential, high pressure course on the public speaking. Not only did he have to go on a recuperative holiday immediately afterwards to recover from the traumatic experience, but it put him off public speaking for many years. He understands the problems of the Lalocopophobes. He was one!

For reviews of a recent speech by Warren Edwardes click here: Link

Public speaking training courses are donated to selected charitable institutions and youth groups.

Module 0: The Quickie One-seminar Course

7S Steps to Successful Speeches

  • The seminar provides a basic framework for any speech. There will be limited opportunity for participation. 
  • Module 1: Basic Techniques for Presentations & Speeches

          In the beginning

  • Getting your speech started with a captivating opening.
  •       At the end

  • Tools to help you close with a powerful ending.
  •       Stage fright!!

  • Everyone’s nervous. Here’s how to hide it.
  •       On the spot

  • Don’t be caught tongue-tied when asked to speak without warning. 
  • Module 2: Intermediate Techniques for Presentations & Speeches

          Topic choice

  • Out of ideas? Developing a speech library.
  •       Audience analysis

  • How to make sure your speech is audience-tailored.
  •       Speech structure

  • Buildings have frameworks; so must your speeches.
  •       Speaker introductions

  • How to introduce a speaker. The role of a chairman or MC. 
  • Module 3: Advanced Techniques for Presentations & Speeches

          Preparation and Rehearsals

  • Practice makes perfect. It’s obvious, but it’s true and here’s how .
  •       Articulation and/or <Body language>

  • Techniques for improving English pronunciation and clarity for non-English speakers
  • and/or < Different signs mean different things in different countries>
  •       Memory aids

  • Remember your speech. But don’t learn it.
  •       Visual aids

  • Using technology to deliver a professional image.  
  • Module 4: Ongoing Workshops

          Learn by doing  

  • A novice speaker asked an expert: "I wish I could become as proficient a speaker as you are". The expert replied: "Come back after you've given a hundred speeches and I'll tell you". Sure enough, when the novice saw the expert a few years later after having given the hundred speeches the expert said: "See, you don't need my help anymore. You've learnt by doing!"
  • Monthly (or weekly) post course workshops providing an opportunity to hone skills learnt, practice forthcoming real-world speeches and make continuous improvement in speaking ability.
  • Sessions will cover impromptu speaking and prepared short speeches.

  • Powerful Presentations and Successful Speeches

    Programme Fees: The series can be taken as individual modules of four 90-minute workshops each or as a complete programme of three modules (12 workshops). Module 4, Ongoing Workshops, consists of blocks of four workshops. A discount of 10% for 3 or more participants from the same company is also available. For details on company-specific programs please contact Delphi Communication.

    Module 0 £90 (£105.75 incl. VAT)
    Modules 1 to 3 £390 (£458.25 incl. VAT) each
    Series (Modules 1, 2 and 3):  £1,090 (£1280.75 incl. VAT)
    Module 4: (per 4 workshops)  £390 (£458.25 incl. VAT)

    Contact Delphi For details of Saturday afternoon programme of two 90-minute workshops.

    To book please send the details below:


    Company ________________________________________________________________

    Address _______________________________________________________________

    Tel. _________________________________ Fax._________________________________

    e-mail: ________________________________________________________________

    with payment (including VAT) made out to "Delphi Risk Management" to:

    Delphi Communication,

    3 Hyde Park Steps
    St.George's Fields
    London W2 2YQ, UK
    Companies must supply VAT / BTW / MOMS / MWST / IVA / FPA NUMBERS

    Delphi Risk Management Ltd., Registered in England # 2583762VAT No. GB577189586

    Delphi Risk Management: Delphi creativity Delphi communication & Delphi control are the Innovation, Communication & Risk Management arms of Delphi Risk Management Limited 

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