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Puzzle 1:

     This puzzle was featured in recent newspaper advertisements by Banque Paribas to show how clever they are.

     Starting from base you go 10 Kms South. Then go 10 Kms East. You then return to base. Distance to base camp is 10 Kms. What is the weather like? Answer: Cold

    The French bank's answer is the one I remember from high school. The only possible starting place is the North Pole, say Banque Paribas

    Not so. There are, in fact, many other solutions. Where else on earth could you be?

     Moral: Never say "the only way". There is often more than one way of slicing a salami or unbundling a bond.

Puzzle 2:

      5, 10, 20, 30, 36, ??

      what is the next number in this series??

      Hint1: No Nuclear Physics PhD required!

      Hint2: Think International

Puzzle 3: courtesy of Peter Keusgen at peter_keusgen@MCKINSEY.COM copyright owner unknown.

    a logic test

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