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Delphi was chosen as the name of the financial product creativity, communication and control Consultancy for its classical connotations of analysis and forward planning associated with the Delphi Oracle.

The company logo incorporates the mathematical symbol, The Greek delta, the symbol of change, is now widely used by financial market traders to denote a change in derivative instrument value relative to a small change in the underlying interest rate or currency instrument.

There is an established forecasting methodology called delphi forecasting. delphi risk management borrows from this method its use of individual and collective management experience and expertise. Whilst Delphi cannot foretell the future course of interest rates it can help, through nearly two decades of market experience, to visualise the consequences of change. It can advise on how to manage risks and plan in an ever-changing business environment. Delphi can help to take advantage of uncertainty through product development.

Treasury management assistance through Delphi control includes new-issue advice and analysis and Treasury trouble-shooting. Delphi is also called on to provide an impartial second opinion or "Health-Check" on its treasury management strategy or controls. Scope within A/LM ranges from interest rate and currency risk to liquidity measurement, capital adequacy and earnings’ volatility and the financial engineering and reverse-engineering of tax-efficient retail deposit and mortgage products.

delphi has been at the forefront of Knowledge Management. Even before the concept was invented, in 1993 it set-up a knowledge system for The Standard Bank of South Africa. 

Warren Edwardes, left, Delphi's CEO with Paul Miles, Head of Research & Development, The Standard Bank of South Africa Ltd  link

Delphi creativity's Lotus Notes based, delphi thought pad software is a considerable help to global think-tanks. It ensures that good ideas ahead of their time don’t get lost. But more than a computer system Delphi changes the culture into a communicative way of doing business. Seminars are run on "Creative Thinking" and Delphi also closely assists with implementation. It introduces to clients its concept: Hindervation (tm) which facilitates innovation by illustrating a number of subtle ways organisations Hinder Innovation.

Ideas are futile if they cannot be communicated both internally and externally. Warren Edwardes is an accomplished and often invited speaker and chairman at conferences and appears on finance programmes on television. He was trained at the London Academy of Performing Arts and is a Past President of the Seoul Branch & Korea Area of Toastmasters International, the world-wide public speaking club. Training in Speechcraft is available through Delphi communication.

Richard Stagg, the publisher of Financial Times Prentice Hall, inviting Warren Edwardes to author two books on derivatives wrote: "I would be keen to incorporate the style which you demonstrated in "Derivatiphobia", explaining the concepts and applications in an engaging and jargon-free manner. Let’s make it a classic and aim for it becoming the introductory bible for practitioners and students alike."

Charitable voluntary work in the form of website development and communication training is provided.

Above all, quality is maintained through the non-delegated service of Warren Edwardes.